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Garth Sonnenberg, a graduate of the University of New Mexico with a Bachelor of Business Administration is the President of MSI Helicopters Leasing, Inc. Garth, along with his brother Greg Sonnenberg purchased MSI Helicopters Leasing, Inc. from Max Sonnenberg their father and founder of MSI. Greg holds a Chemical Engineering degree from the University of New Mexico, along with an FAA A & P, and IA licence. Garth also holds an FAA A & P licence, as well as a Private Rotorcraft licence. His lifelong passion for helicopters began early and continues today. He is dedicated to continuing the proud legacy of MSI, and its growth and success supporting the helicopter industry.

Garth Sonnenberg, President Garth Sonnenberg

Max Sonnenberg, Founder (1962 photo) Max Sonnenberg (1962)

Greg Sonnenberg, Vice-President Greg Sonnenberg